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We build your custom Qnow™ Code Touchless Menu and Ordering system.

Then we customize for print-out and embed a Qnow™ Code touchless menu that goes to the restaurants mobile ordering system so whenever the code is seen it goes to work. When scanned, from any camera phone, the code will load the restaurant’s menu for the customers to view and order on their phone whether in the restaurant, from home, anywhere the code can be seen.

This is Touchless Ordering at it's best.

Three Options

In addition to the smart menu and ordering system, our basic system from Forrk can create a fully feature mobile site for the client. We have multiple templates and We Host on Our Servers.

Our Second option is to get quite a bit more fancy with Google's Progressive Web Apps or Accelerated Mobile Pages for true State of the art systems. See at .

It's Truly the Evolution of Apps but is quite a bit more complicated and most businesses stay with the standard one so they can have total user control on Their Terms.

We then populate the smart menu with the restaurant’s food items and menu deals.

We build high-converting intelligent food listings complete with descriptions, reviews, FAQs, videos, deals, and more like McDonald’s or KFC do to boost profits.

We then integrate the client’s PayPal, Stripe, RazorPay, or other payment processor including manual pay systems to take no-contact payment. Once an order is placed, the restaurant can monitor it and even track order delivery status of mobile or pick-up delivery orders.

The client is in Control. they see what is going on in Real Time.
And since they are receiving the order directly and using their existing payment system, there is NO waiting on the money.

We also have some Exclusive Features never before seen in ANY App...

Qnow™ Code touchless Meny Creator

The client takes over control to Create or Edit their Qnow™ Code contact-free menus to print out and place in food tables, place in flyers, their own custom marketing flyers or embed on their existing website.

Many customers will only dine in restaurants that are completely no-touch so this is essential to have.

Customers can order food anywhere on the fly with a smart menu. No more expensive GrubHub type fees.

DFY Restaurant Mobile Themes and Menus

The client can choose from lots of gorgeous DFY restaurant templates to create an edit. Replace a restaurant’s outdated html sites with our mobile-friendly, high-converting one fast. Everything is customizable to their brand.

'Point-n-Click' Customization

Using our point-n-click editor they can customize their Smart Code, mobile menus, products, websites, and more easily. It's easy to make everything look very professional and customized exactly to the restaurant’s brand.

DFY Gorgeius Restaurant Themes

Choose from a variety of gorgeous DFY restaurant templates. Themes include a number of popular food niches like ‘Italian’ or ‘BBQ’.

Plus, pick from niches outside of the food industry like ‘spa’ or ‘pets’ for mobile ordering services to ANY industry.

DFY Qnow™ Menu & Product Templates

Choose from multiple DFY smart menu and product templates in many different colors and food niches. Customize everything with just a click to make your smart menus and food listings look A+ and highly professional.

Advanced Menuy & Product Customizataion

Customize everything you want about each product you’ll add to the restaurant’s new Qnow™ code, mobile-payment menu.

Add descriptions, images, layouts, and even allow reviews for higher conversions.

Integrate with YOUR Payment Porcessor

Integrate with your current PayPal, RazorPay, Stripe, ManualPayment account, and more with just a click. Customers order online for delivery, pickup, or touchless in their physical location now and it works direct, no waiting for money from a 3rd party.

The restaurant can then give refunds, check orders, check sales, and more through their payment processor account.

Order Monitoring and Delivery

Allow the restaurant owner to track mobile payment orders and see the status of each order including if the food order is in delivery or has been fulfilled.

If you have your own delivery this works seamlessly.
If you need a delivery system, you might want to check out It's the new kid on the block and coming to your area soon.

Email Marketing Integratoion

Capture emails of customers who checkout using the touchless payment system and send them to an autoresponder to Re-Target them. Set this up automatically so you can remarket items or specials.

Create Product Variations & Sides

Add variations of products like ‘large’ or ‘small’ size. Plus, add on sides and customizations with ease.