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Not able to develop your own Grocery system for Curbside Pickup, or possibly even Delivery?

Tired of the games other grocery app companies are playing and their high percentage charges?

Are the big boys that have developed these systems putting a strain on your business?

Well hold onto your hats because there is a Better Way and it's Here Now.

Don't have an IN House System?

Can't Compete with the Major Stores and Chains?

Finally / A Better Way

Creating your own system is totally out of the picture because of the costs. A typical grocery ordering system would cost you as much as $200,000 to develop, and that doesn't even count the expensive monthly fees for upkeep.

So you end up being held hostage by the current systems out there or your webmaster.

Welcome to a world of

Compete and Win  Against the Big Boys.

A system that's better for Everyone.
Consumers no longer pay those expensive markups.
Consumers can order for curb pick-up.
Grocers can finally compete with the Big Boys with a system that's not only more affordable than anything out there, it simply WORKS.

It's simply

A Better Way

The large majority of grocers prefer curbside pickup. If they have in house drivers they also include delivery and this can be added as an option right in your app.

Our system is Totally Transparent. Grocers don't pay any of those % markups or add-on's like the other companies charge. There are never any surprises to the grocer or consumer. 

The other systems usually tack on extra charges by the item making the bill soar. But with our totally transparent system, these expensive surprises are a thing of the past.

Consumers pay No Membership Fees, No Markups and No Hidden Fees... AND they end up paying 30% to 40% LESS.

How does it work?

1. Consumers place their order directly with you using your own Smarter app.

2. For parking lot pickup they use the app to request a pickup, enter the order information, then choose a desired pickup window.

3. If they prefer delivery they indicate this and you deliver using your in house system. If you don't have one you merely indicate curbside or in store pickup.
If you do offer this with your inhouse drivers you can add that as an item consumers pick in their in-basket when ordering.

We put more money in the grocer's pocket and Consumers PAY LESS.

Seamless System

Consumers use the FREE app or order online.
Expensive add-on fees are a thing of the past.
Other systems charge the consumer a monthly fee, we don't.
They just choose their method of ordering, place their order and the system takes over.

Touchless Connect

Have you have noticed the Walmarts, Sams or WholeFoods systems and wondered why they are gaining so much traction? It's because a lot of customers like the No Contact or Touchless approach. These companies have invested $Millions to make sure their systems work.

Numerous studies show that even when the Pandemic is gone folks will continue to use this Touchless way of ordering and curbside pickup has grown 275% over just One Year Ago. 

Well now you can compete with the big boys and have a system that simply works.

And the End Result:
A Happy, Satisfied, Loyal Customer.