This is a Turn-Key System.
We even Host it.


What we do:

  • Completely Re-build your Website.
  • Show you how to point your domain name to our site.
  • If you don't have a domain name we'll give you a subdomain off one of our domains, like
  • Totally rebuild your site to make it compliant with the Google Rules of Engagement.
  • Make your site ADA Compliant.
  • We Host your domain on our servers.
  • Our Private, SSD, Google Cloud servers are State of the Art and faster than ANYTHING out there.
    • SSL is included.
    • We pay a premium for the Turbo-Speed but your clients will only wait 2 seconds and they are gone. We will not compromise on Speed or Security.
  • Control and Manage your Entire appSAVE® system to include your 10 SPOTS. When you have changes or updates, just email them and we'll have it done the next morning.
  • Just let us know you want a new GeoFence HERE or another Beacon added THERE.
  • GeoFences are in the cloud and Beacons require a purchase. After you purchase your own Beacons we will set them up via. a Conference Call with you.
  • Consult with you and create your Marketing Video.
  • If you need Graphics or a Logo, our in-house design servcice has you covered as part of our service.
  • Ongoing Smarter.Marketing™ consultations. We like to have a phone converstion or video conference at least once a month so we both stay in the loop and we can discuss marketing stragegies, changes and strategy.
  • Optional service. The campaigns vary depending upon your service level and number of contacts.
    • We can also show you how to do this on your own to save the extra charges.
  • And More

Time to Stop Watching things happen in your business.
Time to MAKE them happen.

Dr. Rick Mayer


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