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Why do you need Your Own Online Ordering System?

There are Many Reasons.

Here are SEVEN.

These reasons pertain to virtually ANY business, not just the Restaurant Industry.

Your Own Modern Mobile Website

The app can replace a restaurant’s outdated html site with our mobile-friendly, high-converting one.

Auto-Create Safe Qnow™ Code Menus & Ordering Systems

You'll get Qnow™ code menus to print out and place on food tables or flyers that when scanned show a mobile menu.

Touchless Payment

We integrate with your payment system for contactless ordering of delivery, curbside pickup or in store pickup.

Sites are Gorgeous

We have numerous themes for your new Mobile Site and Smart menu.

Advanced Product Customization

Customize everything you need. No other system has our level of customization.


The store owner can track mobile payment orders and see the status of each order including if the food order is in delivery or has been fulfilled.

COVID is Killing an Industry

The Pandemic is Tearing Restaurants Apart.
Hundreds of thousands of restaurants shut down the past several months and many more are on the brink.

It’s no surprise people have grown accustomed to staying at home and ordering food online through services like GrubHub & UberEats killing ‘walk-in’ traffic.
Plus, when they dine-in they don’t feel safe touching ‘old-school’ plastic menus many other people have already touched, so many of them don’t return.

Online Ordering is CRITICAL for Struggling Restaurants.

Online ordering increased 286% around the restaurant industry.


84% of consumers currently order delivery or takeout once a week.

> Restaurant Dive

More than 70% of consumers like to order from a restaurant’s own app instead of 3rd party apps as they want the food chains to make maximum profits, not some far away corporation.

> Preoday

The Problem is...

Big Tech Ordering Systems Like GrubHub & UberEats Are Bankrupting Small Restaurants.

Are you being Ripped Off?

Food Delivery Apps

So What's wrong with the current system?
Are folks happy with current food delivery apps?

Watch this PBS Special Report.

Those restaurants that have had no choice but to use GrubHub & UberEats systems are drowning in the high fees these big tech companies charge.

They are DESPERATE to do mobile ordering & pickup without giving up 30% of their profit to these exploitative systems.

That’s why we’ve spent two years coding the ultimate solution to keep amazing local restaurants open and profitable.